Protects control box and platform from snow, ice, rain and foul weather  
Fitting Guide:
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Price: $359.00
Helps reduce slip and falls from snow covered, iced over platforms creates temporary on site storage for tools and materials  
Heavy duty zippers for easy on and off   
30 seconds to protect your investment  
Can be imprinted with your company name and logo  
All makes and models, electric, gas or diesel  
All covers are made in Black, special order colors can be done but will add to production time and cost of cover  
"DO NOT transport or operate lift with this cover attached to lift. AerialWrap is not responsible for any damage or injury that results from customer transporting or operating their lift with an AerialWrap cover on the lift. AerialWrap covers are designed to protect the lift while it is stored outside or left overnight on a jobsite.